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“FILLES DE JOIE” tells three stories of women, during a scorching summer, between the north of France and Belgium. Axelle, Conso and Dominique have nothing in common except that they are colleagues and that every day, together, they cross the border. To live with dignity on one side, in Roubaix, they prostitute themselves on the other, in Belgium. It’s their secret, their double life. At the end of the summer, when the storm finally breaks, these three women will enter into solidarity, as one would enter into resistance. They will share a new secret that will bond them forever.

Cast: Sarah Forestier, Noémie Lvovsky, Annabelle Lengronne

Director : Frédéric Fonteyne & Anne Paulicevich / Image : Juliette Van Dormael / Produced by Versus Productions & Les films du poisson


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