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EVA, a former swimming champion who became a paraplegic, has been living in a wheelchair for 3 years. For her birthday, she receives a strange Advent calendar from her friend Sophie. But these are not the traditional treats that she discovers by opening a window every day, but more disturbing surprises, sometimes pleasant, often terrifying, and increasingly bloody. While she should stop this morbid countdown, an irresistible force and the hope of being able to walk again one day, pushes her to continue. The first day, everything is fine... The last day, everything is fine... In between... it's hell!

Cast: Eugénie Derouand, Honorine Magnier, Janis Abrikh

Director: : Patrick Ridremont / Image : Danny Elsen / Produced by Frakas Productions, Sombrero films, Siddhi films


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